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St. Louis Clinical Trials

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St. Louis Clinical Trials Overview


Daniel Gruener, M.D., Chief Medical Officer, is board certified by the American Academy of Psychiatry and Neurology and by the American Academy of Pain Management. He has over 30 years of experience and has conducted more than 250 clinical trials in pain, addiction, psychiatry and neurology disorders. Throughout his career, Dr. Gruener has been a thought leader in pain, and has served as a board member of the American Pain Society. Additionally, he has written several books, and most significantly, he co-authored a textbook on pain and is the senior editor for Pain Control in the Primary Care Setting, published by the APS, which was the standard of care for several years.

St. Louis Clinical Trials

St. Louis Clinical Trials, a subsidiary of Evolution Research Group, is an inpatient/outpatient research facility experienced in psychiatry, neurology, addiction, sleep and pain indications.

St. Louis Clinical Trials is associated with a local surgical center, performing surgical procedures leading to the conduct of inpatient/outpatient post-op pain studies at the St. Louis Clinical Trials research facility.

In addition, we have formalized a relationship with The Center for Clinical Imaging Research (CCIR) at Washington University, a premier radiological center, which provides our site with access to state-of-the-art imaging facilities, where highly specialized imaging studies such as fMRI and PET are now performed. This Medical Services Agreement gives us access to services only available at a few select locations worldwide.

Senior Director, Clinical Operations and Site Development
Erica Ridolfi


Post-Op Pain
Alzheimer’s Disease
Bipolar Disorder
Diabetic Neuropathy
Essential Tremor
Movement Disorders
Opioid Use Disorder
Pain (Acute/Chronic)
Sleep Disorders


• St. Louis Clinical Trials is a 24-bed, purpose-built facility with the capabilities to conduct specialized and complex study designs.
• The facility maintains a compounding pharmacy with a Laminar flow hood; a double-locked, limited access drug storage room with a 24-hour monitoring system; an IATA and CLIA certified processing laboratory; and -20 degree and -70 degree sample storage.
• Indoor smoking room equipped with a recirculating ventilation system. Dedicated, controlled and secure outdoor smoking area.
Experience with topography, spirometry, CO measurements and PK biomarkers.
• On-site long-term storage.
• Research staff is proficient in all standard rating scales.
• Full-time recruitment team for identifying quality research
subjects throughout Greater St. Louis.

Special Procedures and Equipment
Smoking Room
Crash Cart

DaT Scan
CT Scan

Institutional Review Board

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May, 2017: The site welcomes Sean Faggioli, Early Phase Services Project Lead. Sean comes to us with six years of early phase experience, with five years of experience managing the set up and conduct of human abuse liability trials. Sean will partner with Dr. Daniel Gruener, Medical Director, to expand our capabilities in pain management, addiction and HAL. Over the past year, SCLT has expanded its capabilities from psychiatry and other CNS indications to include studies in CRPS, OA, CLBP, chronic pain, PTSD and essential tremors. Additions to our team include two experienced CRCs, and a F/T Pharmacist and QA Director. In 2016, the team established a relationship with Washington University, a premier radiological center, providing a full range of services and ability to expand our imaging capabilities. This alliance allows our site to have access to state-of-the-art imaging facilities, and has expanded our abilities to include studies requiring fMRI. To foster relationships within its community, SLCT joined the St. Louis Chapter of the Alzheimer’s Association and participated in the 2016 Alzheimer’s Walk. This year the staff will participate in NAMI walks to increase awareness and raise funds for mental illness.