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Postoperative Pain Trials

Leaders in Analgesic Research

Evolution Research Group has expanded it’s capabilities to include postoperative pain studies.

Endeavor Clinical Trials (ECT), located in San Antonio, Texas, specializes in postoperative pain trials. ECT conducts multiple postoperative pain studies following third-molar extraction, bunionectomy, hernia repair, abdominoplasty, breast augmentation, TKA/THA, bariatrics and diabetic foot ulcers procedures, among others. Endeavor Clinical Trials has a dual model approach to inpatient clinical research including access to hospital beds at prestigious local hospitals, as well as our newly opened, dedicated six-bed in-patient unit.

St. Louis Clinical Trials (SLCT), located in St. Louis, Missouri, executes clinical trials in postoperative pain following bunionectomy and hernia repair. SLCT is associated with a local surgical center, performing surgical procedures leading to the conduct of inpatient/outpatient postop pain studies.

Midwest Clinical Research Center (MCRC), located in Dayton, Ohio, conducts inpatient and outpatient postop pain studies in association with an on-site surgical center. The surgical center includes five operating rooms with a 12-bed surgical suite. MCRC specializes in postop pain studies following hernia repair, bunionectomy,  total knee replacement, and total hip replacement.

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