Clinical Pharmacology of Miami

Miami, FL

CPMI Overview

Principal Investigators
Maria I. Bermudez, MD
Kenneth C. Lasseter, MD
Samuel Oberstein, MD

Clinic Director
Stacy C. Dilzer, R.N., B.S.N.

First in Human
Food Effect
First to File
Cardiac Safety/TQT/QTc
Renal Impairment
Chronic Kidney Disease
Hepatic Impairment
Monoclonal Antibodies (MaB)
Sexual Dysfunction


  • 24,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art inpatient and outpatient,custom-designed clinical pharmacology research unit
  • 120 clinical research beds with six private rooms
  • Two indoor recreational areas and secured outdoor patio
  • Large screening area with interview and exam rooms and a prescreening lab
  • Large, secure PK processing lab with -20 and -70 degree sample storage and electronic monitoring and recording
  • Telemetry/Holter monitoring
  • Double-locked, climate controlled pharmacy with laminar flow hood
  • Validated environmental monitoring system for drug and sample storage
  • Secured, monitored and alarmed unit with key-card and push-button access for designated staff
  • 40-watt natural gas generator
  • Smoking room
  • Negative pressure room
  • Located within 30 minutes of two major international airports
  • Close proximity to local imaging facilities and sleep lab
  • Located in the heart of a vibrant, diverse community, providing access to 7 million individuals in the Greater Miami Area
  • Experienced, long-term staff includes bilingual medical graduates, registered nurses, technicians and phlebotomists
  • Located 3.5 miles (about 5 minutes) from an emergency room

Special Procedures and Equipment
Smoking Room
Surgical Procedures
Negative Pressure Room
Crash Cart
Holter Monitoring/Telemetry
Laminar Flow Hood
Pulse Oximetry
Pulmonary Function Testing

CT Scan
DaT Scan

Audit Success

10+ Sponsor Audits Annually

• January 2018
• March 2017
• January 2015
• October 2014


Institutional Review Board

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News Feed

May, 2017: CPMI joined Evolution Research Group less than a year ago, and has been a tremendous addition to the Evolution Research Group organization. They work closely with their clinical research organization and sponsor clients to deliver high quality data, on time and within budget. With Evolution Research Group’s infrastructure relieving CPMI of the burden of financial and administrative responsibilities, the clinical operations team has been able to flourish and offer expanded services to the industry. CPMI has a 30-year history of providing its clients with unique capabilities, executing on complex trials in normal healthy volunteers and highly specialized populations. Well known for its ability to enroll in studies targeting renal insufficiency, hepatic impairment, T2DM, dermatology, elderly healthy subjects, post-menopausal women, sexual dysfunction (male and female), smoking cessation and obesity, CPMI continues to expand into new indications. The 120-bed Phase I unit is a preferred site for many large pharmaceutical sponsors, biotechnology and specialty pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, several clinical research organization clients trust CPMI’s established team to deliver when their own Phase I units are at capacity or a multi-center approach is needed. With veterans Dr. Kenneth Lasseter, Stacy Dilzer and Cooper Shamblen leading the team, CPMI has successfully completed hundreds of FIM, PK/PD, SAD/MAD, DDI, TQT, food effect, and BA/BE studies. Evolution Research Group’s service offering is greatly enhanced by CPMI’s clinical pharmacology expertise, enabling Evolution Research Group to meet its clients’ needs throughout the lifecycle of a compound’s development.