The Cognitive and Research Center of New Jersey: Updates to Staff and Facility!

November 29, 2016


Dr. Rachael Felsenfeld

Dr. Rachael Felsenfeld joined The Cognitive and Research Center of NJ in January 2016. Dr. Felsenfeld is a rater for clinical trials, conducts neuropsychological evaluations and provides psychotherapy services. Dr. Felsenfeld completed her pre-doctoral and post-doctoral internships in severe psychopathology.  She went on to complete a postdoctoral fellowship in neuropsychology, specializing in work with neurological disorders. Previously, Dr. Felsenfeld conducted disability evaluations and worked as a therapist in private practice.

The CRCNJ hired a Community Outreach Specialist, Daniela Schwab.  Daniela’s primary role is to help CRCNJ build and maintain relationships with community members and organizations. Her focus is disseminating information about CRCNJ to the public and helping schedule speaking engagements, Free Memory Screenings, lunch-and-learns, and other events that raise awareness about CRCNJ and issues related to the diagnosis and treatment of cognitive disorders.

The CRCNJ has two full time Clinical Research Coordinators that conduct assessments to determine clinical trial eligibility and support, facilitate
and coordinate the daily clinical trial activities. Kavita Doshi has been a clinical trial coordinator for eight years with a primary focus in Alzheimer’s disease.  Her background consists of two Masters Degrees, one in general psychology and another in school psychology. Chelsea Nigro, MA came to The Cognitive and Research Center of New Jersey from New York University, where she received her Master’s in Psychology. While at NYU, she worked in their Cognition and Perception lab. She was the lab manager of the college’s Memory and Aging Lab and worked closely with both college students and older adults who took part in tests of memory and cognition. It is Chelsea’s passion to be involved with clinical research and she is ecstatic to be a part of the research team at The CRCNJ.

The physical structure of the CRCNJ has been expanded to accommodate their growth in the areas of neuropsychology and clinical trials. This includes additional office space, a devoted infusion room, and a meeting room to be used by monitors and for community programs.

Dr. Papka, Founder and Director of the CRCNJ, continuously conducts lectures educating the public and professionals alike.   Some of her most popular topics are: “Memory Loss and Aging”, “Alzheimer’s Disease: What you Should Know”, “Healthy Brain Aging”, and “Clinical Trials in Alzheimer’s Disease”.

The CRCNJ conducts group therapy for caregivers and family members of those afflicted with memory loss, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Please call us at 973-850-4622 for more information.

They are joined by Sharon Goldner an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach offering consultative services regarding the effect of lifestyle factors on maintaining a healthy brain.


doshi Kavita Doshi, CRC

nigro Chelsea Nigro, CRC