Thievon-Wright Consulting Group is a consulting organization specializing in the management and conduct of Central Nervous System (CNS) and clinical pharmacology trials.

Our organization represents an elite network of research organizations specializing in CNS research and early phase drug development.  We work to link pharmaceutical, biotechnology and Contract Research Organization (CRO) clinical study teams with appropriate, experienced research facilities and necessary resources to successfully execute their clinical research trials.

Our philosophy is the success of any clinical trial is largely dependent upon the quality of the investigative sites and the vendor organizations selected by a Sponsor or CRO.


About Us

Founded in 1998, the Thievon-Wright Consulting Group provides consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and Contract Research Organization (CRO) industries.  The primary focus of our business is working with study sponsors to place trials at the appropriate research sites, comprised of clinical pharmacology units, inpatient psychiatric clinics and late phase research clinics. Over the years, our expertise in study placement has been supplemented with a comprehensive collection of consulting activities surrounding clinical pharmacology and central nervous system research programs.

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Why Choose Us

Thievon-Wright Consulting Group has been involved in the placement and execution of hundreds of phase I-IV clinical trials within its established research network.  While each individual network site has unique capabilities and access to varying types of patient populations, the capabilities of the network as a whole can be broken down into four (4) broad areas of specialization.


General Consulting

Protocol Design. Key Opinion Leaders. Budget Planning.

Network of Clinical Research Sites

Thievon-Wright Consulting Group represents an elite network of clinical research sites across the United States. This network is comprised of clinical pharmacology units specializing in healthy normal as well as patient trials, inpatient psychiatric units and late phase research clinics.

Scientific Advisory Boards

The team at Thievon-Wright Consulting Group is now offering its clients Scientific  Advisory Board planning and implementation services.

Vendor Resources

Selecting the right vendor for a clinical development program is difficult task. Throughout our history, Thievon-Wright Consulting Group has worked with most clinical research vendors and have a thorough knowledge of available resources.

Customer Testimonials

"I have collaborated with Lori Wright and many of her investigators for over 10 years. I have always found Lori to be remarkably effective. She has a keen understanding of specific trial needs as well as the capabilities and capacity of the investigators she represents."